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How To Write Quality Content

According to Worldometer, more than 4.6 million blog posts go live each day. But having a lot of information is different from having quality content. Most of the content that goes live each day does not provide any value to its reader. I would call it misinformation.

what is the purpose of such content then? You guessed- to attract traffic. Most bloggers and web owners only aim to attract traffic without any perceived value to readers. Your content should not only be search engine-friendly but it should also provide valuable information to your site visitors.

How many times do potential customers or clients feel betrayed when they click links but only find another heap of crap! And that where most people miss it when it comes to online work.

To gain a reputation from your target market, you should provide quality content. You should detect searcher intention and provide just what they want. But how do you do that without compromise to Google ranking?

Tips to Write Quality Content

1. Understand Your Searcher Intention

Before you publish that blog, page, or social media post, would you read it if you were in the reader’s shoes? Your priority should be your target audience. The dynamics of Google ranking have changed. We are no longer in an era where stuffing keywords would earn you traffic.

Google analyzes user experience through parameters such as bounce rate, time spent on your site, and loading speed. Therefore, you should consider these factors before focusing on SEO. That does not mean optimization is not essential in writing quality content. And that takes us to the next point.

2. Optimize Your Content

You can have the best content in the world but if you don’t use the right words, Google bots will rank you lower. You should understand the volume of each of the primary and secondary keywords in your niche and set a content strategy. Search engine optimization is key when it comes to web ranking.

Make sure that you have optimized your images, headings, meta data, and content as well. You should avoid stuffing keywords in your meta data. The meta title and meta description should match the content of your text.

3. Provide Answers to Your Audience

When posting content, it should achieve a specific goal to your audience, as well as your company. If I want to know the best content writers for websites in the world, that means my intention might be to hire. Before vouching for my services, I should inform my readers about what they are searching for before going on to sell my services. Salesy content can be a turn off for potential clients.

4. Engage Your Readers

okay, I know this is not the most engaging piece. But a conversational approach and keeping your readers active is paramount. Avoid the formal content that makes you feel like you are in another lecture.

Humorous content is always the best. Yes, I understand you don’t have to be a stand-up comedian to be a good writer. It is okay; just make sure your content is “relaxed”. Ask rhetorical questions that will make readers identify with what you are writing.

5. Avoid Grammatical Errors

I hope I am not a culprit here. If I am, do not judge me harshly.

There is nothing that will put off potential customers like typos, wrongly structured sentences, or poor punctuation. Do you read your content 2 or 3 times before posting? Human is to error and I don’t expect you to be an exception, missing a comma or a letter too often might show lack of seriousness.

6. Avoid Fluffy Words

Keep it short and simple (KISS). Avoid unnecessary wording. If it can be said in fewer words, the better. However, make sure that you pass your message or deliver the content.

7. Be Original

Be authentic and unique to deliver quality content. Copying content in other sites will only work against you in ranking and user experience. In case the information you want to write has to be quoted, credit the source.

You should aim to make your content better than your competitors to remain in the game. Some write-ups like product descriptions are always tempting to copy from giants like Amazon. But you can add your flair and relate it to your audience.

If you keep these tips in mind before posting your next blog or web content, you will see better results. Always give your reader’s interests first. Then think about your content ranking but not the vice versa.

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