Simple Steps to Link Any Kenyan Bank Account With Paypal (With Images)

In April 2018, Paypal transactions through M-Pesa were rolled out. Many people who rely on international transactions could not hide their elation. It has been 2 years down the line and the system has worked perfectly- especially for freelancers in Kenya.

Though people still complain about the restrictive nature of Paypal in linking with M-Pesa, the complaints have reduced over time. Paypal to Equity Bank withdrawals had dominated the market for long. Entry of M-Pesa into the picture meant a new dawn for freelancers in Kenya.

No doubt Paypal to Equity transactions have been of much help. But people still demanded that Paypal should include transactions through other banks. The largest and arguably the best payment gateway in the world seems to have heed to these cries. Now you can withdraw money from Paypal to any bank account in Kenya. But how do you link your Paypal account with a local bank account?

How to Link a Bank Account with Paypal in Kenya

Step 1: Log In to Your Paypal Account

To enjoy Paypal services, you should have an active account. In case you don’t have one, you can click here to create one.

Login to your account. Ensure you input the correct details i.e. your email and password.

Step 2: Click on the “Link a Card or Bank” Icon

Once logged in, you should click on the icon link a card or banklocated at the right bottom side.

You will be directed to the next step where there are 2 options. Select the option to “Link a bank account”.

Step 3: Fill in Your Bank Details

At this stage, you should have the details of the bank account you want to link with your Paypal account. You should have the following information:

  • Bank name and its SWIFT code
  • Know your account type. Paypal gives 2 options: Checking and savings account.
  • Account number
  • Phone number used to register the account (I suggest they align with your Paypal account phone number to avoid flagging)
  • Billing address
  • Account name (I suppose they should match with your Paypal names as well).

If you have all these details, you will have an easy time linking your Kenyan bank account with Paypal.

After filling in all the details, click “link bank account”. You will receive a confirmation indicating it is done if all the details were correct.

Step 4: Final Step; Done

You will receive a confirmation that your bank account is now linked. Click done and now you are good to go. You are now ready to withdraw from Paypal to any bank account in Kenya.

You will see a list of all the cards and bank accounts you have linked with your Paypal account as shown below. For demonstration, I linked my Co-Operative Bank account with Paypal.